No Time? Swift Ideas


Short on time? Looking for a quick or easy Activity Days idea? You’ve come to the right place! All of these activities are repeats from another page. These swift activities are placed together in this section for your sanity. (We’ve all been there, sisters!)

For the star colors, green = completely planned, blue = link to another site, red = just an idea.

No Time! Only Church Supplies!

(Assumes you have paper, coloring/writing utensils, scissors, tape, tables, chairs, cleaning supplies)

(green star) All Summer in a Day – (A Reflection on Bullying)
(green star) Article of Faith Trash Can Basketball
(green star) Guinness Book of Activity Days
(green star) Fire Safety
(green star) Scripture Spelling Bee 
(blue star) Backyard Coding
(blue star) Cards for Hospitalized Kids
(blue star) Color a Smile (you do not need to color a pre-printed coloring page, they also accept freehand pictures.)
(blue star) Create a hand print mural together and discuss diversity, unity, and that we’re all Children of God.
(blue star) Get to Know You Games
(blue star) Heart Attack
(blue star) Send Kids the World
(red star) Clean/disinfect nursery toys
(red star) Clean/disinfect sacrament trays

I Have Less Than 30 Minutes to Prep!

(Easy home supplies or printer required)

(green star) A Doctor Who Modesty Adventure!
(green star) Faith in Things Not Seen
(green star) Love Languages 
(green star) Matching Game for General Women’s Meeting
(green star) 
Science of Happiness
(green star) Scripture Treasure Hunt
(green star) Shuffleboard (Articles of Faith)
(green star) Suck It! (Articles of Faith)
(green star) Your Flag
(blue star) Avoiding Cliques
(blue star) First Aid (also here)
(blue star) Flextangles
(blue star) Memory Game (Articles of Faith)
(blue star) Memory Game (Articles of Faith – from the Friend)
(blue star) When I Grow Up 
(red star) Act out a scripture story, make a movie, share with primary.