Faith in God – Serving Others


It can be a challenge to give the girls service opportunities that reach beyond the walls of your LDS church building, but if you are able to do so, it’s a great way to expand their view of the world. This section is dedicated just to service projects that you can do on a weeknight in a typical primary room setting. Daytime/Saturday activities can be found in the “Other” section.

For the star colors, green = completely planned, blue = link to another site, red = just an idea.




(green star) Service and Treat light2
(green star)
 Swift Service light2
(blue star) Adopt a Grandparent light2
(blue star) Build table easels for displaying pictures in Sunday School
(blue star) Flower pens (so the church library gets their writing utensils back! Could also be for a school or office of a nonprofit, etc.)
(blue star) “For God So Loved the World” Valentines for teachers, primary kids, or missionaries. light2
(blue star) “Heart Attack” light2
(blue star) Make play dough to discuss diversity, then donate it to the nursery. light2
(blue star) No-sew zipper cases to organize the coloring materials in the primary closet (or for a local school classroom)
(blue star) Reflective Ribbon for Bicycling Missionaries light2
(blue star) Secret Service Agent (church building) light2
(blue star) Single Mother Service Project
(blue star) Song Aides for Primary light2
(blue star) Styrofoam Prints on Thank You Cards (Karen did this activity and recommends buying the sturdier styrofoam plates, not the cheap ones, and using tempura paints for this activity because they dry faster. And use this opportunity to teach them how to write a proper thank you note.)
(blue star) Toys to make for nursery light2
(blue star) Volunteer to do the Mother’s Day treat for your ward this year and make Hershey Kiss Roses.
(red star) Babysit for some young families so they can go on a date or go Christmas shopping.
(red star) Caroling – this is even more fun when it’s nowhere near Christmas!
(red star) Carve pumpkins for the elderly in the ward.
(red star) Clean/disinfect nursery toys light2
(red star) Clean/disinfect sacrament trays light2
(red star) Compile a booklet of uplifting thoughts to give to the local missionaries or send to missionaries serving elsewhere. (Combine this with the book binding activity!)
(red star) Create ward recycle bins and empty them weekly.
(red star) Decorate the Christmas tree in the church building lobby.
(red star) Feed the Missionaries
(red star) File folder games or quiet toys for the missionaries to give to investigators’ kids during sacrament light2
(red star) Go on a nature hike and collect some flowers, then learn how to press and dry them in a picture frame as a gift for bedridden/hospitalized members.
(red star) Learn how to wrap gifts. Offer to wrap gifts for people in the ward, or gather toys for a toy drive and wrap those.
(red star) Make paper flowers to give to someone who is in the hospital.
(red star) No sew burp cloths for new moms
(red star) Wash windows of cars in the church parking lot light2
(red star) “Welcome to the Ward” kits light2
(red star) White hair scrunchies for the temple



(green star) 
Blessing Bags for the Homeless
(green star) Food Donation Scavenger Hunt light2
(blue star) Build a Little Free Library
(blue star) Cat toys for a cat shelter light2
(blue star) Chemo Care Packages
(blue star) Compliment Kits light2
(blue star) No-sew dog toys for a dog shelter
(blue star) No-sew pet beds for a pet shelter
(blue star) Paint rocks with positive sayings and leave them all over town light2
(blue star) Snowman gloves
(blue star) Volunteer Match (you can search for kid-friendly projects in your area)
(blue star) Washi tape pencil flags for teachers
(blue star) Wildflower Seed Bombs (make and then encourage the girls to spread them throughout the community!) light2
(blue star) What’s It Like to be Homeless* (pair ideas from this pamphlet with a project that serves the homeless) light2
(blue star)Young Lungs at Play
(red star) Give out flowers to people at a park
(red star) Halloween Costume Drive light2
(red star) Holiday door decorations for a retirement/assisted living center light2
(red star) If you have a local nonprofit that takes clothing donations, offer to wash some of their donation clothes for them, and use this opportunity to teach clothing care to your girls. light2
(red star) Improve a Local School
(red star) Make fleece lap/shoulder throws for a retirement/assisted living center
(red star) Make ornaments for a group home or nursing home Christmas tree.
(red star) Offer a free car wash. Any “takers” get to watch a video with the missionaries in the air conditioning while you wash their car. Service and missionary work at the same time!
(red star) Plant a tree
(red star) Valentines for Seniors light2
(red star) Park cleanup light2
(red star) Tape baggies with quarters and nice notes inside to a vending machine at the hospital or community center.
(red star) Tape bags of microwave popcorn to the side of a Redbox machine with a nice note.
(red star) Teacher Appreciation Dinner
(red star) “Welcome to the Neighborhood” Kits
(red star) Write a letter to an elected official about a cause you believe in. light2

United States 

(blue star) Blankets for Camp Noah (page and video about Camp Noah)
(blue star) Cards for Hospitalized Kids light2
(blue star) Cards, care packages, and “adoptions” for the Military Community (lots of options here, including not only military members and veterans, but also adopting a military spouse, children of wounded warriors, etc.) light2
(blue star) Clip/donate coupons to military/cancer families light2



(green star) Books for Africa
(blue star) Circle of Compassion – Expanding what/who we care about light2
(blue star) Days for Girls (have the Relief Society or Young Women make the pads and liners – Activity Day girls can make the drawstring bags without an awkward conversation!)
(blue star) Have a shoe-cutting party for Sole Hope
(blue star) Rainbow Loom Bracelets for kids in Ethiopia
(red star) One group of girls learned about writing thank-you notes, then learned about the ivory trade and the plight of elephants. They then wrote notes to the Chinese ambassador of the U.S., thanking his country for their recent action to ban all ivory trade. (He wrote back a few months later!) You don’t have to do this same activity – keep your eyes peeled in the world news for something that might resonate with your particular group, then write thank-you letters to the ambassador of the corresponding country. light2


 *Activities with an asterisk are VERY long lesson plans (several sessions) and definitely need some sifting through! I plan on doing this in the future but want them up in the meantime in case you want to look through them yourself!

Thanks to everyone who has contributed ideas to this website.  Please contribute your ideas, too! We are stronger when we work together.