Raising the Bar for Recognition and Stake Activities


Girls may see the boys in cub scouts, and their older siblings, getting much higher praise for their programs than they do in Activity Days. The lack of more frequent recognition built into the LDS Faith in God program means that we need to brainstorm ways to pick up the slack. Ask your Bishopric or Primary Leaders what you can do to increase recognition for your kids’ hard work.

For the star colors, green = completely planned, blue = link to another site, red = just an idea.



(green star) Charm Bracelets
(green star) Badges
(green star) Faith in God – Gold Locket Award 
(green star) High Achievers Program
(green star) “Royal Daughters of God” Banners
(blue star) Award Certificate
(red star) Sister Medera paints canning jar or frozen juice lids, punches a hole and attaches a ribbon. She awards these “medals” to each girl individually as soon as they have passed off the required six for the year, and then lets them add a pony bead to the ribbon for each additional activity past these six that they do during that year. The next year she makes new medals every year and the girls are always excited to see what the design/theme is for the next year!


recognition Nights

(blue star) LOTS of game options in Parent/Daughter Ideas

  Keeping Track of Progress

(red star) Just take a picture at each activity – you will know who attended and can also make a slide show of them for Recognition Night!


(green star) Amazing Four Day Outdoor Camp!
(blue star)  Armor of God (you could also use some Ideas from The Friend, learn Sword Technique)
(red star) 80s Theme (Wear 80s clothes, learn some 80s hairstyles and dances, Family Feud A of F game show, cassette tape craft, eat pop rocks)
(red star) All Ball (Discuss Hinckley’s “Don’t Drop the Ball,” learn a variety of ball sports,round lunch items, make popcorn balls, learn ballroom dance)
(red star) Architects of Our Own Happiness (discuss this talk, learn the Science of Happiness, explore a career in Architecture, do a construction-related team building activity)
(red star) “For 2015 I used ‘Make New Friends’ for the theme. After I chose that our Stake gained a ward from the Stake next to us, so it felt totally appropriate to use that theme. We had classes on being a friend and being kind and team building activities. Our closing message was given by a recently returned Sister missionary and was titled, ‘He lives; my kind, wise, heavenly friend.’ They each received a picture of the Savior with children with that saying on it.” – submitted by Susan Fuge
(red star) I Can Make a Difference – choose a variety of projects from Serving Others and watch some videos about girls their age making a difference.
(red star) Learn about children in pioneer times and think about how they can be a pioneer.
(red star) “Olaf In Summer” (Frozen) ideas!
(red star) Video Game Theme (Angry Birds live game, lesson on “Be Your Own Hero” [rather than the hapless Princess Daisy or Zelda that always need saving])
(red star) Trying to Be Like Jesus (Learn fishing, woodworking, eat food from Ancient Roman times, learn what “be like Jesus” means to us in everyday life)

Thanks to everyone who has contributed ideas to this website.  Please contribute your ideas, too! We are stronger when we work together.