Faith in God – Preparing for Young Women


There are several ways to help the older girls complete these Faith in God achievements without devoting an entire activity, such as a short spiritual thought, a “homework assignment” to report back the next week, or a combined activity with the Beehives. Keep in mind that the Activity Days program is a team effort, so if you feel it’s best for your group, it’s perfectly okay to ask the parents to help their child do this section at home. Please note that unlike the pages that deal with the first three requirements, some of these activities are repeated on other pages.

For the star colors, green = completely planned, blue = link to another site, red = just an idea.


“After studying the thirteenth article of faith, make a list of things that are uplifting and virtuous. Discuss with a parent or leader how you can seek after these things.”

(green star) We Seek After These Things
(blue star) Seek After These Things light2

“Talk with the beehive class presidency or a member of the Young Women presidency about the purpose and importance of the Young Women program.”

(red star) Do a podcast interview with the Beehive Presidency. light2
(red star) Invite the Beehives to come to a recognition night to support future Beehives and invite them to talk briefly about how the Faith in God program prepared them for the Young Women program. light2
(red star) Stephanie Jensen Olsen has the girls make a dream list of things they would like to learn more about, that they share with the Beehive leader. This helps out the Beehive leaders, too, because it gives them ideas on activities to plan for the future! light2

“Write in your journal how you can serve the Lord as you stand for truth and righteousness.”

(red star) Have some sisters from your ward come and talk about what journal writing means to them, and read some entries they or their ancestors have written. light2

“Read D&C 88:77–80, 118 and D&C 130:19. Discuss with a parent or Primary leader how important a good education is and how it can help strengthen your home and family and in the Church.”

(green star) Career Night light2
(green star) College Night light2

Read “The Family: A Proclamation to the World.”Make a list of things you can do to help strengthen your family and make a happy home. Share the list with your parents or Primary leader.”

(blue star) Secret Service Agent light2
(blue star) Service Star

Other Ideas:

(red star) Rebecca van Uitert contributes: “To prepare for conducting in YW we have the girls take turns conducting the Activity Day opening exercises. We have a half page printout where the girl conducting fills in the prayer, song, A of F, etc. We try to have them fill it out in advance but it often gets completed just a few minutes before the activity starts. They stand at the podium and call everyone to order and announce the program.” light2
(red star) Have your group do a combined activity with the Young Women twice a year (once when they are in charge, once when you are in charge). Each time we make sure to take 5-10 minutes to fulfill at least one of the requirements in the booklet together as a group, before moving on to the rest of the activity. light2




Thanks to everyone who has contributed ideas to this website.  Please contribute your ideas, too! We are stronger when we work together.