This section is for anything that extends beyond just passing off Faith in God requirements on weeknights. Please let me know if I am missing any categories.

For the star colors, green = completely planned, blue = link to another site, red = just an idea.

Cheap/Free Daytime Field Trips

(blue star) Dentist Tour (contact a local dentist and see if he’d do something similar to this)
(blue star) Home Depot Kids’ Workshops
(blue star) Nature Trail Scavenger Hunt
(red star) Bank
(red star) Be “fans in the stands” at a Special Olympics event.
(red star) Bird watching
(red star) Cultural festival (accompany with a weekday activity that explores that culture more deeply)
(red star) Deseret Industries Tour (or other thrift store)
(red star) Farm/garden
(red star) Find some local historical markers
(red star) Humane Center (to see critters and learn about pet responsibilities)
(red star) Landfill
(red star) Library Tour (if your library isn’t open in the evening)
(red star) Mine Tour
(red star) Newspaper/Magazine Office
(red star) Nursing home
(red star) Plant Nursery Tour
(red star) Radio Station Tour
(red star) Run a water station for a marathon (or cheer/motivational sign station).
(red star) Television Station Tour
(red star) Town Hall
(red star) Water treatment plant tour

Utah-Specific Daytime Field Trips

(red star) Visit the “Girls Who Choose God” paintings by Kathleen Peterson in the Conference Center.


(red star) Mail a monthly newsletter with date reminders and a spotlight. Kids love getting mail!

Thanks to everyone who has contributed ideas to this website.  Please contribute your ideas, too! We are stronger when we work together.

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