Faith in God – Learning and Living the Gospel


This is not a Sunday School primary lesson, so you don’t need to do a long lesson to fulfill this Faith in God requirement. Put the ACTIVITY back in Activity Days! I often have my activities do “double duty” and also be a Serving Others or Developing Talents activity too (such as when you do fitness). Just let each girl count it one time, in the category that they are in need of.

For the star colors, green = completely planned, blue = link to another site, red = just an idea.

light2means THE cost is LESS THAN 25 cents per kid!



(green star) Making Sacrament Bread
(green star) Resurrection Eggs


(red star) Have the girls contribute to a “baptism book.” They might hand write the story of their own baptism, draw a picture of what happened, include a photo, write a poem, etc. Give a copy to each child in the ward just before they turn eight. 

Blessings and Thanksgiving

(green star) Happiness light2
(blue star) Thankful Tree light2
(blue star) Thanksgiving Activity

 Children of God

 (green star) Heavenly Mother  light2
(green star) Roles light2
(blue star) Create a handprint mural together and discuss diversity, unity, and that we’re all Children of God. light2
(blue star) Divine DNA Necklaces 
(blue star) Judge Not, Lest Ye Be Judged (Assessing Stereotypes) light2
(blue star) Make play dough to discuss diversity, then donate it to the nursery.
(blue star) Where Are the People Like Me? (Diversity and Media) light2




(green star)
 Faith in Things Not Seen light2
(red star) If you want to do “faith is like a little seed,” skip the potted plant idea and make pantyhose chia pets instead. Way more interactive and MUCH more likely to grow!


(blue star) A Book for Dad
(blue star) “Lucky to Be a Family” (St. Patrick’s Day)
(blue star) Parent/Daughter Ideas
(red star) Learn about family crests and then make one for each girl’s family.
(red star) Share family traditions with each other
(red star) Everyone shares their favorite FHE game, then challenge them to try one of the new games they learned with their own family. light2

Genealogy/Pioneer History

(red star) Grandparent “Show and Tell.” Arrange to call (on speakerphone) several of the girls’ grandparents to tell stories of their childhood. (You can have the girls bring pictures from when their grandparents were young, if they have them.)
(red star) Heirloom Night – each brings a family heirloom and tells the story about it. light2
(red star) “Invite an ancestor” night – everyone shares stories from their family history. light2
(red star) has a new Family History Coloring Book that could be used as part of an activity.
(red star) Make a heritage fruit salad – each girl brings a fruit from a place where her family has lived. Mix them all together for a treat.
(red star) Visit a local family history center and have the docents give a tour. light2
(red star) Make blanket forts out of sheets and church furniture, then discuss the conference talks together. light2

Goals and Aspirations

(green star)I Can Be
(blue star)Bad Habit Bonfire
(red star) Make “vision boards” for goals or resolutions using pictures from magazines. You could use the verse describing Christ as a youth as a jumping off point (Luke 2:52: WISDOM (What can I learn?), STRENGTH (How can I strengthen my body?) FAVOR WITH GOD (How can I grow closer to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ?) and FAVOR WITH MAN (How can I become a better friend?) light2
(red star) Talk about goal setting and how to set measurable goals. Make a few of these simple DIY Picture Holders to hold an index card with their current goals. Encourage them to put the goals in a place where they will see them often. light2


God’s Creations


Individual Worth/ Mental Health

(blue star) I Am
(blue star) Mental Health Awareness
(blue star) Stress: No Body Needs It and Guided Imagery (pair together for a full activity) light2
(red star) From Taylor: We had a great activity about the fruits of the spirit and how anxiety and worry DOES NOT come from the spirit. Then we read the book Silly Billy (by Anthony Browne) and made worry dolls with hearts attached to them with the specific fruit of the spirit the girls felt would help their worries.


(red star) Decorate journals, then glue a list of writing prompts into the inside of the front cover.
(red star) Invite RS Sisters to come share journal entries from their youth and talk about what journaling means to them. light2

Love One Another

(developing friendships)


(learning about church structure, other Mormons)
(green star) Callings Night light2
(green star) Who’s a Mormon?   light2
(blue star) Flat Shea (Flat Stanley for Activity Days in New Zealand) light2
(blue star) Mini Mission Call 1
(blue star) Mini Mission Call 2
(red star) Arrange for the girls to give short talks in the primary program or during sharing time. Teach them how to prepare a talk (and maybe calm their nerves before giving it!).
(red star) Invite current sister missionaries to come and talk about “a day in the life of a sister missionary.” (When our missionaries did this they planned a fun skit!) light2
(red star) Sister Returned Missionaries talk about their missions light2
(red star) Podcast with the Bishop (or do a series of podcasts with different members) light2

My Body is a Temple – Bodies


My Body is a Temple – Fitness

(this list is limited to those activities you can do at/near the church)

(green star) Bike Safety 
(green star) Ladder Ball, Life, and the Scriptures 
(green star) Sword of the Spirit (Armor of God/Sword Technique)
(blue star) Archery – Make and Play
(blue star) Balloon Tennis light2
(blue star) Fair Play (Girl Scout Merit Badge – adapt) light2
(blue star) Hopscotch – include history light2
(blue star) Human Foosball
(blue star) Jump Rope – Make and Play light2
(blue star) Kiddie Pool Kickball
(blue star) Stilts – Make and Play
(blue star) Toilet Paper Dodgeball
(red star) Baseball/Softball/Kickball
(red star) Basketball
(red star) Baton
(red star) Broom Hockey
(red star) Capture the Flag light2
(red star) Glow in the Dark Kickball or Volleyball
(red star) Hula Dancing light2
(red star) Hula Hooping
(red star) Invite a woman from the military to show some exercises she does to stay fit. light2
(red star) Kickboxing
(red star) Olympic-Type Games
(red star) Pilates light2
(red star) Parkour light2
(red star) Quidditch
(red star) Racewalking light2
(red star) Self Defense light2
(red star) Soccer
(red star) Volleyball (regular and water balloon!)
(red star) Yoga light2
(red star) Can’t decide? Do a fitness showcase and try several different sports for 10-15 minutes each!


My Body is a Temple – Word of Wisdom 

(blue star) Create Your Own Healthy Snack (you can alter this lesson to have them actually make their snack together!)
(blue star) Healthy Living Initiative
(blue star) Learn how to make fruit bouquets for a healthy gift/dessert (tutorials here, here, and here)
(blue star) The Truth About Sugary Drinks
(blue star) Visit a grocery store (find some ideas here, here, and herelight2
(red star) Make a freezer meal to cook for their family later. 
(red star) Teach 3 super fast healthy meals
(red star) Teach them how to pack their own lunch with healthy options.






(green star) Candles and Scriptures  light2
(green star) Women in the Scriptures  light2
(green star) Celebrating Rosh Hashanah light2
(green star) Let Your Light Shine with Glow Jars
(green star) Make a Scripture Video
(green star) Scripture Spelling Bee  light2
(green star) Scripture Treasure Hunt light2
(blue star) Girls Who Choose God
(blue star) Passover
(blue star) Pudding Pictionary with Scripture Stories  light2
(blue star) Scripture Treasure Hunt 2 light2
(blue star) Scripture Scavenger Hunt light2
(blue star) Summer Scripture Splash
(red star) Act out a scripture story, make a movie, share with primary. light2
(red star) Have each girl pick a favorite short scripture (you may want to think of some options ahead of time) and make a decorative poster or wall hanging of the scripture for their room. You could have the scriptures already printed, or learn calligraphy as part of the activity. light2
(red star) Learn the story of Esther and celebrate the Hebrew holiday of Purim. Also, here is a picture and coloring page to use too!
(red star) Make “Holy Week Kits” by gathering the materials for the activities in this plan, and then have the girls explore holy week with their family at home.
(red star) Offer to host sharing time shortly before Easter. The activity before that Sunday, cut out hands to make these hosanna palms with the primary children. Rehearse the story of Palm Sunday as a skit with one girl narrating this children’s version (complete with one of the the girls pretending to be a donkey!). At sharing time, have the girls help the kids make their palms, and then do the skit with everyone participating. light2
(red star) Recreate a scripture story using Legos (Nephi Builds a Boat, Samuel the Lamanite on the Wall, etc.)


(blue star) T is for Temple
(red star) 
Architecture of Temples – watch this video on the process of building temples, talk about temple architecture, and look at at pictures of a variety of temples. Then, have the girls be architects and design their own temples. You can just create “blueprints,” or go farther and make scale models out of wood, sugar cubes, legos, cardboard, etc.! light2
(red star) Visit with the groundskeeper for a temple and learn about plant biology, plant spacing, what flowers are planted where, when, and why, etc. light2




Thanks to everyone who has contributed ideas to this website.  Please contribute your ideas, too! We are stronger when we work together.