Faith in God – Developing Talents


This section is dedicated just to talent exploration that you can do in the span of 1-2 hours on a weeknight in your LDS Church building (usually using either the gym or primary room). Daytime/Saturday activities can be found in the “Other” section.

For the star colors, green = completely planned, blue = link to another site, red = just an idea.


The Arts

(blue star) Analyzing Advertising light2
(blue star) Artist light2
(blue star) Graphic Artist: Screen Printing
(blue star) Save Outdoor Sculpture (sculpture creation, appreciation, and preservation) light2
(red star) Instrument tour (have members from the ward come and play a song and talk about why they love playing an instrument) light2
(red star) Many girls are shy about singing, but almost everyone loves to lip sync! Do some lip syncing that includes both popular tunes and well-known hymns.
(red star) Make instruments
(red star) Photography
(red star) Science of Music
(red star) Do an “Art Gallery Tour” of the artwork hung up in your church building. (Find out the names of the artists and the stories of the paintings beforehand.)
(red star) Hold an “Art Show” where the girls show off their arts and crafts. Invite several talented adults to also bring their hobbies and take a few minutes to explain what they do and how they do it.



Healthy Eating  

(see Learning and Living the Gospel)


Home Skills

(green star) Budgeting light2
(green star) Textiles (weaving, knitting, sewing)
(green star) Using Tools light2
(blue star) Babysitting Kit and 2, 3, and 4
(blue star) Budgeting/Tithing
(blue star) Chickens light2
(blue star) Gardener light2
(blue star) Household Elf light2
(blue star) Pet and Veterinarian Exploration light2
(red star) Build a Lemonade Stand, discuss tithing, donate proceeds to charity
(red star) Financial Literacy
(red star) Pet store tour
(red star) Learn how to properly paint a room and then do a service project painting a room for someone.


Literature and Writing

(green star) Book Binding light2
(green star) “Book Club” Ideas light2
(blue star) Calligraphy  (And here)
(blue star) Comic Artist light2
(red star) Library Tour light2
(red star) Learn about poetry and how to write poems. Write a poem for a loved one – you could put one in a greeting card for Mother’s Day. (Haiku are great poems for this age group, because they are short and don’t need to rhyme.)



(blue star) Compass treasure hunt light2
(blue star) Geocaching light2
(blue star) Kite flying
(blue star) Letterboxing light2
(blue star) Urban Forestry light2
(red star) Fire making light2
(red star) “Grill Scouts” – learn grill safety and how to grill some healthy food.
(red star) Night hike light2



(blue star) Class Talent Show light2
(red star) Do a (short) theater production of a common fairy tale from start to finish – write the play together, make some props and set pieces, create the costumes, learn stage makeup and lighting, rehearse, and perform!
(red star) Perform for ward talent show light2
(red star) “Skit night” with cub scouts or YW. light2


(blue star) First Aid (also here)
(blue star) Knot tying light2
(red star) Changing a tire and oil in a car light2
(red star) Fire Station Tour light2


(see Learning and Living the Gospel)


Social Studies – America

(green star) Your Flag light2
(blue star) Black History (#7 about kazoos would be a good one!) light2
(blue star) Do You Want Slavery With That? light2
(blue star) Historic Preservation light2
(blue star) Inside Government light2
(red star) Invite a woman from the military to talk about her career (and also possibly show them some fitness exercises). light2



Social Studies – Cultural Exploration


(green star) Being LDS During World War II light2 
(green star) Women, Voting, and the Suffrage Movement light2
(blue star) Archaeologist light2
(blue star) Discover Hispanic Heritage light2
(blue star) Kids Around the World light2
(blue star) Religions Around the World light2
(red star) Cultural Exchange with a ward in another country light2
(red star) Chinese New Year Party
(red star) Games from Around the World light2
(red star) Invite several women in the ward who have visited other countries, from other countries, or been on missions from other countries, to teach a simple recipe from that foreign country while sharing what that other country is like. light2
(red star) New Food Party – Go to a foreign grocery and buy a bunch of weird snacks (you can also ask the girls to bring strange foods too). Try each one and rate them from 1 to 10!




(Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics)
(blue star) Cryptology and a Secret Message Card (you can also use Article of Faith 4 in morse code:  key and codelight2
(red star) Computers
(red star) Robotics
(red star) Rocketry


(blue star) Aware of the Air light2
(blue star) Learn about signal flags and create a banner of each girls’ name in nautical flag symbolslight2
(blue star) Paper Making (recycled paper)
(blue star) Young Eagles – free airplane flights in your area for kids 8+, great for learning about careers in aviation! light2
(red star) Chess light2
(red star) School Project “Show and Tell” light2


*Activities with an asterisk are VERY long lesson plans (several sessions) and definitely need some sifting through! I plan on doing this in the future but want them up in the meantime in case you want to look through them yourself!

Thanks to everyone who has contributed ideas to this website.  Please contribute your ideas, too! We are stronger when we work together.