Articles of Faith


Implementing this Activity Days requirement will have a lot of variation from ward to ward depending on the learning abilities of your girls and the differences between them. Do what is best for your ward, even if that means that you do very few Article of Faith activities together. The Faith in God program is a team effort. Consider leaving it up to parents to “pass off” the Articles of Faith to the best of their child’s ability.

For the star colors, green = completely planned, blue = link to another site, red = just an idea.


Learning Games

(green star) Article of Faith Basketball light2
(green star) Shuffleboard light2
(green star) Suck it! light2
(green star) We Seek After These Things
(blue star) Article of Faith 4 in morse code:  key and code light2
(blue star) Easter Egg Hunt (do any time of year without the eggs)
(blue star) Fly Swatter Game
(blue star) Jeopardy 1 light2
(blue star) Jeopardy 2 (same questions as #1 but using Power Point) light2
(blue star) Jeopardy 3 light2
(blue star) Jeopardy 4 (three versions for this one!) light2
(blue star) Keyword Memory Game light2
(blue star) Matching Game from The Friend light2
(blue star) Scavenger Hunt light2
(blue star) Scripture Mastery Ball (adapt for Articles of Faith) 
(blue star) Scripture Relay (adapt for Articles of Faith) light2
(blue star) Seek After These Things light2
(blue star) Skateboards and Scriptures (adapt)
(blue star) Tic Tac Know (adapt for Articles of Faith) light2
(red star) Articles of Faith in Sign Language light2
(red star) Get one remote control car per team and put papers numbered 1-13 all around the gym. Give an A of F clue and they have to get their car to the right number first to win a point!
(red star) Name that Tune (with Article of Faith Primary Songs) light2
(red star) Pudding Pictionary light2

Recitation Games

(blue star) Carnival Fun
(blue star) Ice Cream Sundaes
(blue star) “Life Walk” light2
(blue star) Spoons (adapt for Articles of Faith) light2
(blue star) Scavenger Hunt (adapt for Articles of Faith) light2
(blue star) Samurai (adapt for Articles of Faith) light2
(blue star) Punch Out (adapt for Articles of Faith) light2
(blue star) Muffin Tin Bounce (adapt for Articles of Faith)
(blue star) Chase and Dive (adapt for Articles of Faith) light2

SugarDoodle Pages

(lots of stuff here, including lessons, quotes, puzzles, etc.)


(green star) Article of Faith Pedestal Frames
(blue star) Badges
(blue star) Bookmarks
(blue star) Help Sheet
(blue star) Keys
(blue star) Memorization Cards
(blue star) Pass Off Cards
(blue star) Punch Cards 1
(blue star) Punch Cards 2
(blue star) Punch Cards 3
(blue star) Punch Cards 4
(blue star) Q Cards
(blue star) Ring Cards

Thanks to everyone who has contributed ideas to this website.  Please contribute your ideas, too! We are stronger when we work together.