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When the LDS Church published Joseph Smith’s journal, I read it cover to cover, thinking that it would be a profound spiritual experience to study the life of our founding Prophet. The things I found in his personal accounts were disturbing, confusing, and highly contradictory to modern church teachings. I could not maintain my integrity while also continuing to teach the specious modern narrative of Joseph Smith’s life to these precious girls. So, in June 2017, I resigned from my calling with a very heavy heart. I am still willing to post new activity ideas if you would like to contribute, but I will not be adding any new ideas to the site. I appreciate your compassion and understanding in this matter.



Here is the original letter I wrote when I first started the website.

Dear Sisters,

The calling of Activity Days leader can be a challenging one. We get one teeny little booklet for direction, and we’re supposed to fill up the year with amazing experiences. It’s no wonder so many of us fall back on the old standbys: crafts and object lessons.

But…is there something better? Can we do better? I think we can! That’s what this page is all about; lists and lists of GREAT activities so you will no longer have to settle for the old standbys, even when you’re in a rush.

Here are the main goals for this website:

(lightbulb) Focus on offering activities that fulfill two or more Faith in God (FiG) categories at the same time.

(lightbulb) Provide such a wide variety of activities that leaders will be able to engage, encourage, and enrich all types of children participating in the program.

(lightbulb) Avoid most activities involving unhealthy foods, out of respect for our bodies and the health of those we might serve.

(lightbulb) Avoid meaningless crafting and over-crafting. Crafting is a fun talent to have, but it’s even better when you can do a craft that can simultaneously contribute service or increase learning!

(lightbulb) Recognize that the Faith in God program is infinitely flexible. That little blank line at the end of each of the first three sections gives you the freedom to create a truly amazing program, and the required sections (Prep for YW, Articles of Faith, and Testimony) can be done by parents instead if you so choose. You can raise that bar however you want to! Time to get inspired!

After doing an activity with your girls, please contact me with your thoughts and tips and I will add them to the page. (Pictures are great too, and I promise to blur out faces!) I hope you’ll join me in this effort. Thanks for being a part of this website!

Lots of Love,

PS If you like the artwork on this site, it was done by a very good friend of mine. I hope you’ll visit her blog to see more!

PPS  Ladies who run an international Activity Days group, please forgive me if some of the activity descriptions refer only to girls. Of course your boys are important too!
PPPS This is not an official LDS website. All opinions are my own and not the opinion of the LDS Church or any other organization. Use caution and prudence with each activity – I am not responsible for any injury (physical or otherwise) that may result from the use of the ideas on this site!

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