Heavenly Mother

lds actvity days heavenly mother

This LDS Activity Days idea had been rolling around in my head ever since the new Gospel Topics Essay, “Mother in Heaven,” was published. I decided in order to make this activity truly great for my group and for others, I needed to create a second website, which contained artwork, poetry, quotes, and resources for leaders and girls to learn about Heavenly Mother. The website is http://www.myheavenlymother.wordpress.com.

Duration: 1 session or longer


  • Access to the My Heavenly Mother website, or printouts of some of the quotes, poetry, artwork, etc.
  • Supplies for whatever art project you want to do with the activity. (Clay for sculptures, paint for paintings, magazines for collages…whatever art materials interest you, can be used for this activity!) Alternatively, if you like poetry you can instead do a poetry project.


  • Access the My Heavenly Mother website, print out some of the quotes, poetry, artwork, etc. that you want to share.
  • Get the art project supplies ready to go.


  1. Spend some time on the My Heavenly Mother website together, reading quotes from prophets and apostles, sharing some of the poetry, and admiring the artwork.
  2. Discuss what the girls have learned about their Heavenly Mother from this exploration.
  3. Ask them to imagine what Heavenly Mother might look like to them. Reassure them that there are NO wrong answers here!
  4. Tell them that they are going to create some artwork that reflects their feelings about Heavenly Mother. They should try to not just make it a portrait, but think about how to incorporate some emotion into their artwork. (You may want to go over some of the artwork again and discuss what emotions each piece invokes.) Explain that for this project, their artistic skills don’t matter as much as the emotion and love they put into it.
  5. Work on your art projects together.
  6. Ask each girl if she is willing to have her artwork put up on the website. If so, please email me a copy at lauren.rae.ard@gmail.com so that I can include it!

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