Scripture Spelling Bee

This is a great game to play by itself, or as part of a “back to school” or “scriptures” theme night. This activity will not only help the girls become more familiar with the language used in the scriptures, but also introduce them to many of the Scripture Mastery verses they will encounter just a few years down the road in seminary.

Categories: Learning and Living the Gospel

Duration: From 20 minutes to the full activity, depending on how many times you want to play!


  • Spelling Bee Lists. The first list is difficult words from seminary Scripture Mastery verses. For a fun challenge, you may also choose to use the second list, which are crazy names and places from the scriptures.
  • (Optional) Prizes/treats for winners



  1. Have the girls do a spelling bee using scripture words. When they misspell a word, they’re out. Alternatively, if you don’t want to put them on the spot, you can have them work in teams of 2-4 to try to spell the words (writing them down on paper before spelling it out loud) and keep score.
  2. When you give them a new word, first say the word, and then say the scripture verse it’s from (just like when they use it in a sentence in a real spelling bee).
  3. You may quickly get a feel for which person/team is superior at spelling. You may choose to level the playing field by giving those folks slightly harder words!
  4. Feel free to pause the game to explain the larger story or message surrounding a verse.
  5. The last person/team left standing gets a prize.
  6. Just for fun, you may want to use the names/places for the last round or two. They are a real challenge!


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