Service and Treat

This activity is great any time of the year but is especially fun near Halloween!

Categories: Service

Duration: 1 session


  • Printed lists of 5-10 quick service ideas to do in others’ homes. Some ideas might include:
    • Wash one window
    • Feed the cat
    • Sew on a button
    • Play “ring around the rosy” with a willing child.
    • Read a story to a child.
    • Pull ten weeds
    • Pick up twenty toys
    • Bring in someone’s mail.
    • Vacuum one room.
    • Wash five dirty dishes.
  • Enough cars/drivers to form teams of 2-5 girls each.
  • Lists of about 3-7 families’ homes in your ward that live somewhat close together. You’ll need a different list for each car load. The number of houses on your list depends mostly on how spread out your ward is.
  • Disposable plates and saran wrap


  • Print the service lists and families’ homes for each car load.
  • Ask each girl’s family to bring some homemade treats to contribute to the activity.


  1. Divide up the treats onto plates that equal the total number of families on your lists.
  2. Explain that the girls will be going to 6-7 homes, knocking on the door, and saying, “Service and Treat!” (Make it sound the same way that they would say, “Trick or Treat” for Halloween.) Then, give the family the plate of treats and let them pick one short service from the list.
  3. When all of the houses have been visited, meet back at the church building to munch on the leftover treats and talk about your adventure. (Each car is likely to run into a few houses where no one is home.)


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