Make a Scripture Video


While this may be one of the more involved activities you ever do,  it is sure to create a lasting impression on all the kids involved. Another great aspect of this project is that LDS kids with a variety of talents (art, acting, technology, spatial relationships, reading, etc.) can find a way to contribute.

Categories: Learning and Living the Gospel, Developing Talents, Service (if it is used in primary or for a ward function)

Duration: 2 Sessions


Session 1: Set Building

  • Large Recycled Cardboard or Display Boards for background
  • 1 or to sheets of form core from dollar store
  • Cut outs found in the Friends magazines on the official church website printed at home on card­stock
  • bamboo skewers
  • Paints and brushes or colored pencils or crayons.
  • Scissors
  • Glue and scotch tape
  • Anything else that goes with the story you want to tell, such as cotton balls for clouds, star stickers for a night scene, etc.
  • Scripts that you have written for your particular scripture story.

Session 2: Filming

  • Video camera of some type. I used the one on my Samsung tablet.
  • Tripod or table stand to hold camera steady. I brought a very inexpensive tripod adapterfor my tablet from Amazon.
  • Table and table cover of some sort in an earth color (green or brown) to place set on.
  • Two clamp lights attached to chairs and extension cords if needed.
  • Movie Maker free editor that came on my computer (I quickly learned how to use it looking up some tutorials on YouTube. I have Movie Maker Live version.)
  • Primary music downloaded from official church website
  • Extra scripts.


Session 1: Set Building

  • Write a script. The script to make the video on this site was 2 1⁄2 pages one sided, including description of scene changes.
  • Get background. The cardboard was from a display ad that a business was throwing out which they kindly gave to me after asking for it. I painted the blue sky on front and the black on the back for a night time scene before the meeting.
  • Cut out a background (such as a mountain) from foam core.
  • (If you choose not to use paint, glue paper onto the mountain/background so it can be colored with crayons or colored pencils (they won’t color on the foam).
  • I went to the official church website and looked through the Friends magazines and found figures I could use as cut outs. I printed out the figures on card stock on my home printer.

Session 2: Filming

  • Cut stands out for the figures from the form core – this leader used two squares of form core taped together to make a stand.
  • Push, cut and adjust skewers on form core to fit one or more figures and then tape figures to skewers. Do the same for trees or anything else you may add to a scene. The more 3­D and moveable the better.
  • Our sun in our set went up and down by pulling fishing line looped through holes on the background- you may want to make preparations such as this to make your scene more interactive, too.
  • On the evening of the activity, get the set ready on the table before girls show up. Set up any lighting if necessary. Set camera up in center front of display. Have figures ready on another table to change out.


Session 1: Set Building

  • Have the kids paint or color the background, cut out the figures, sun and trees
  • glued the cotton balls on for clouds, add sticky foil stars to the back for a night scene, or whatever finishing touches your set needs.
  • Send home script with girls to practice reading.

Session 2: Filming

  • Practice reading through the script and moving the figured. Make sure girls face directly at microphone or speakers on your device when reading their parts. Have extra copies of the script for girls to read from.
  • Film the scenes! Try to film each one a few times if you can, then pick the best one.
  • Have girls take turns changing out each scene.


  • Download your movies to a computer and make sure to make backup copies!
  • Movie Maker Live is a great, free program you can use to put all the videos together. You can also add primary music (downloaded from for some extra ambience.
  • Show your video! This leader arranged to have their movie shown at the Ward Christmas party, but you could have yours shown in primary or at a special viewing night, etc.

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