Faith in God Award – Gold Locket


I bought these gold heart lockets in bulk for just $1 each at this Etsy store. There are many Etsy stores with similarly priced lockets. If I were to go back in time I might have purchased round or oval ones just because it makes cutting out the pictures a lot easier!

I added a mustard seed on the left, in the center of the filigree, and a picture of Christ with a young girl on the right. I tried several times to get a clear picture and this is the best I could get.


Each took only a few minutes to make, but it’s a beautiful treasure for each girl to be awarded with at the end of her Faith in God Journey. When we award it, I share Luke 17:6 about the power of faith, even when it’s as small as a mustard seed. Then I talk about how the Faith in God program helps you to establish that mustard seed, and then as they move on to the Young Women’s program and Relief Society, their faith will grow from that seed into a beautiful, flowering plant.

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