A Gift of Service

A few thoughts from the leader who created this activity: This can be done any time of year by using the blank pattern and printing on plain card stock, or a print appropriate for the holiday (such as floral printed paper for Mother’s Day, etc.).  The gift box can be reversed to stand up on a flat surface, rather than serve as an ornament.

I looked high and low for copy rights to the following patterns on the next pages and could not find any.  I downloaded them for free 15 years or more ago and have held on to them all this time. I printed these out for my girls.  So, I am assuming it will be okay to use the following patterns as long as they are not used for profit.


Category: Serving Others

Duration: 1 full Session if the girls are decorating their own ornaments, perhaps 20-30 minutes if doing pre-printed or pre-patterned ones.


  • 2 Icicle gift box patterns for each girl, printed on card stock (plain or patterned) – see below for patterns.
  • Coloring/painting implements if you are printing on blank cardstock and having them color their own design.
  • Wrapped miniature candies, stickers, or other small gift trinkets to fill the ornament with.
  • Thin ribbon
  • Miniature gift ribbons from the dollar store to attach to top of ribbon or gift box and gift tags (optional)
  • Glue and/or tape
  • Hole puncher (If doing as ornament)
  • Scissors
  • Print two of these Gift Certificates for each girl (or do a google search for some non-Christmas ones if you are doing this during a different season).



  • First have the girls fill out two gift certificates. (I made the mistake of trying to get this point across while girls were already assembling the ornaments and filling out gift certificates at the same time.) Tell them gifts do not need to be purchased. Share your spiritual thought. Have them brainstorm and come up with some “gifts” they can give to a loved one, such as doing the dishes, a hug and a kiss, doing a load of laundry or cleaning your room up, washing the car, washing a window, sweeping a floor, etc.
  • Cut around the outside solid lines of the ornament/gift box.
  • If the girls are coloring their own, it will look a bit nicer if they color the side that does not have the printed lines.
  • Fold the ornament on the lines. The longest flap is glued and pressed to inside of longest side of ornament.
  • If making into an ornament, punch two holes opposite from each other to thread ribbon through.  Thread ribbon and tie ribbon together at the ends.
  • Fill with candy/stickers/treats and add the gift certificate.
  • Fold the top flaps down into the ornament and tape shut.

ornament blank

ornament 4

ornament 2

ornament 1


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