Learning the “Love Languages”



Looking for an Activity Days idea for Valentine’s Day? This is a great one (but also ideal for making any service project a bit more meaningful)! Many people don’t think about just how many different ways there are to show love. This activity gets them thinking about what expressions of love they appreciate most, and what others might appreciate from them.

Categories: Learning and Living the Gospel, Serving Others

Duration: 1 session


  • Greeting cards, either completely blank for decorating, or already decorated on the outside and blank inside.
  • Blank sheets of paper or journals.
  • Writing utensils
  • Supplies for a “gift” you choose to make with the girls. We chose bracelets because we recently got a large donation of beads. OR if you are short on planning time and don’t have a craft, you can choose another love language to explore for the rest of the class (such as giving compliments to people in the church building, or doing a “heart attack” on the Bishop’s door for service).
  • Copies of the Love Languages Mystery Game.



1. Read John 13:34-35. Point out that in this scripture Jesus did not merely suggest that we love one another; he gave us a commandment to love each other. If we follow Jesus, we will love others.

2. Ask the kids to think of some different ways that we can give or receive love.

4. Talk about how a Doctor named Gary Chapman wrote a book called “The Five Love Languages” that explores how people feel love in different ways. (Don’t tell them the five ways until after the quiz or it might alter their results.)

5. Tell them that they are going to take a little quiz to help them explore what ways they like to receive love. Give each of them a copy of the first page of the Love Languages Mystery Game, read the instructions together, and have them each take the quiz on their own.

6. When everyone is finished, give them the second page to tally their scores, and explain what the scores mean.

7. Compare each kid’s love languages to the other kids. Why is it important to know that different people have different love languages?

8. Knowing about these love languages, what can we do to feel more loved? (We can recognize when someone is using a love language that is not our “preferred” language and still appreciate that they are showing us love. We can tell our parents or others what love languages we value most so they can try to make sure that they show you love in that manner.)

9. How can knowing this change how we give love? (We can try to notice, or ask, what the love language of another person is, so we can show them love in the way they receive it best. We can try to express our love in a variety of ways, instead of just one or two ways.)

10. Explain to the kids that you are going to be making “thank you cards” and small gifts today to give to a loved one of their choice to express the “Gifts” and “Words of Affirmation” love languages. Have them pick a person in their life that they would like to show their love to. It should probably be a family member who lives in the same house, but doesn’t have to be.

11. Have them copy the five love languages onto a paper, and write “card” and “bracelet” (or whatever gift you are making that day) next to “Gifts” and “Words of Affirmation.” Next, have them think of things they can do for that person that are “Quality Time,” “Acts of Service,” and “Physical Touch.” Encourage them to try to cover all five love languages for that person in one week, and then afterwards they can reflect on what Love Languages that person seemed to appreciate the most.

12. Proceed to write the cards and make your crafts.

13. End with singing or listening to the hymn, “Love One Another.”

14. You may want to follow up at the next meeting to see how their “love language challenge” went.

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