Kind Words and Lip Balm


Many LDS Activity Day girls love crafts. Whenever I do a craft with them I make sure that I can also fit a more meaningful message in there too, or have it also be a service project. This lip balm project can do both.

Categories: Learning and Living the Gospel, Serving Others (if some of the lip balm is used as gifts)

Duration: 1 session


  • 1 cup coconut oil
  • 1/2 cup grated beeswax (you can get blocks of beeswax in the candle making section of craft stores)
  • 1 dram bottle of Lorann candy flavoring oil (also available at craft stores)
  • (Optional) Small bit of old lipstick – for coloring
  • 50 empty lip balm tubes (you can buy this amount for $10 including shipping on Ebay, but be sure to plan in advance as they probably will come from China) OR you can use other small containers such as altoids tins, baby food jars, etc.
  • At least one plastic syringe per kid – these don’t have needles, just the syringe part! (ask your local pharmacy if you can buy some, they will probably just give them to you. I bought a pack of 10 on Ebay for just $3.00 and free shipping!) You can also use small funnels but I thought that would be more expensive. If you’re using larger containers instead of tubes, you can skip the syringes and use spoons or just pour it in the containers.
  • Microwave
  • Microwaveable bowl
  • Spoon
  • One of these handouts Lip Balm Recipe and Poem for each girl


  • Grate the beeswax
  • Print the handouts and cut in half (there are two handouts on each page)
  • Reserve the church kitchen if necessary.


1. Go over the ingredients for the lip balm and discuss the pros and cons of natural vs. synthetic products.

2. Explain the process of making the lip balm. (Many parents do not allow their children to wear makeup at this age, so if you choose to add the lipstick you may want to reassure them that the lipstick is only a tiny amount to add a little color, and won’t actually color their lips.)

3. Measure the coconut oil and beeswax and put in the bowl (we packed the beeswax in the measuring cup, but if you put it in loosely the only change is that the final product will be a little softer). Zap in the microwave until melted (about 2 minutes).

4. While the microwave is going, read the poem from the handout and talk about the importance of being kid to others. The first part of this poem was found on Mormon Share, but I altered the second half to talk about Jesus Christ and the Atonement, because I felt it was important to not turn this craft into “guilt trip lip balm.” These kids are inevitably going to say unkind things during their life; the important thing is that they continue to move past their mistakes and improve every day.

5. Add the candy flavoring, and a small amount of lipstick, and stir until completely blended. When in doubt stir for longer than you think might be necessary (I think we stirred for about 3 minutes).

6. Have the girls pair up and show them how one girl will hold the lip balm tube upright, and the other will use the syringe to put the liquid into the tube. Warn them to use caution as the liquid can be hot! (If you are using larger containers or have a lot of girls, pouring will take much less time and you might want to have a second activity planned!)

7. If the bowl of liquid starts to solidify, put it back in the microwave for 30 seconds or so until it completely melts again, then keep going until it’s all gone.

8. Close each tube as you go, setting them upright somewhere that they won’t be knocked over, and when they are all filled, wipe down the outsides with a paper towel.


More Ideas:

  • After microwaving and before adding the color/flavor, you can divide into separate bowls and try several different flavors/colors.
  • We did this activity and donated half of the lip balm tubes to our Relief Society’s “Baskets of Love” (every year they make gift baskets for sick/needy/widowed women in the ward).


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