My Name in Braille




Thank you Karen Malmgren for contributing this well thought-out activity. This LDS Activity Days idea is fun, educational, and spiritual all rolled into one!

Categories: Learning and Living the Gospel, Developing Talents


Duration: 1 session


  • Foam Core Board (found for a $1 at Dollar Store)
  • Paper plates
  • Spoons
  • Mini-Marshmallows (you can use almost any food for this part, really)
  • Something to use as blind folds
  • Construction paper
  • Several ball point pens
  • downloaded print outs from resource (link above)
  • plastic rhinestones or gems
  • glue



  • Take the foam core board and cut it into smaller pieces using a box cutter.  They should be about two inches wide and at least ten inches long (the girls will be creating a word in braille by punching holes in the foam strip).
  • Print out the Braille template on letter size paper to “fit printed page setting.”  I cut off “my name in Braille” and trimmed around the templates.  I then taped the templates to the foam core strips.  Set aside.
  • If possible print Braille template on legal size paper for the girls name in Braille activity at the end.  It is easier for the girls to handle the larger gems and to glue down with the larger print.  I used the smaller gems because I used letter size construction paper to print “Your Name in Braille” template.  Still worked.  I then took more foam core and glued the construction paper on to it.  I tried to get fancy un-successfully.  Next time I will just keep it simple.


  1. Read John 9:1-5 to the girls.
  2. Talk about the different ways people may lose their eye sight.
  3. Discuss Louis Braille and how he became blind as a child and went on to create the Braille code.
  4. Give each girl a copy of the Braille alphabet.  and a few of the blank Braille templates taped to the foam core.
  5. Explain that the strips are like a slate and the ball point pen was like a stylus.  I then asked each girl to punch a word on each piece of foam core strip in Braille and not tell anyone what the word was.  (Some girls wrote short quotes instead.  I was impressed by one girl who tried to write out “God is Good”.)
  6. Remove the taped templates from the strips.  Even though the letters are not raised like in a Braille book, it looks pretty close to it.
  7. Place the strips in the center of the table and have the girls pick one from another girl to de-code.  (I was very surprised at how much this kept their attention.  They kept asking for more to do!)
  8. Put marshmallows on a paper plate with a spoon.  Blindfold each girl and tell them to find the plate and eat the marshmallows.  Let each girl express how she felt eating blind folded.
  9. Next, give the girls the “My Name in Braille” template to glue the gems on to form their names in Braille.


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