I Can Be

Thanks, Kelly, for contributing this activity days idea!

Now that Primary-age girls are invited to the Women’s General Conference session, this activity would be great to do right before (or after) General Conference to get them thinking about the women who are speaking.

You could also tie this to Pioneer Day or family history if you choose to focus on women from their ancestry or LDS Church History.

Categories: Learning and Living the Gospel, Developing Talents

Duration: 1 session


  • Poster for each girl
  • Writing/coloring utensils
  • Biographies of some women you admire


  • Ask the girls to bring stories or pictures of women who had influenced their lives.
  • Get some biographies of women you admire to share if the girls don’t bring much themselves. Look online, at the library, in your family history, in the scriptures, etc. A variety of accomplishments, races, and backgrounds is ideal. If you are doing this within a few month of General Conference, this would be a great time to include some biographies of LDS women from auxiliary presidencies. (Or if you are close to Pioneer Day, use biographies of pioneer women!)


1. Ask the girls what they want to be when they grow up. They will probably list some occupations. In Kelly’s group, one girl said, “responsible.” She ran with that, and we talked about how it’s important to think about the kind of person we want to be, not just what we want to do.

2. Have the girls share the stories of the women they brought. List their admirable qualities on the chalkboard or an extra poster. Share the stories you brought if you need more words. In the end you will have created a giant word bank of qualities they admire.

3. Once you have a decent word bank, give each girl a poster and have them write “I can be…” on it. Then, have them list the traits they want to emulate. Each girl’s poster will look a bit different because the pick different traits and how to arrange them.

4. Finish by stressing that they can become anything they want to be, and developing these character traits will destine them for greatness. The admirable women you talked about did wonderful things because of the qualities they developed.

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