Royal Daughter of God Achievement Banners

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Thanks again to Karen for this awesome reward program!

How to Make the Banners:

We have put up command strips hooks in their Sunday school room by permission of our Primary President to hang the banners from.  We also meet for activity days in the same room. (We keep one of the large round tables in that room also to meet around. Works great.)
The banners have a crown on them. (These were vinyl iron-on material, but you could also consider sewing, gluing, printed computer transfer paper, or silk screening. has the glitter gold material Karen used.) Above the crown is written “Royal Daughter of God” and below is the girl’s name.  We are going to appliqué or cross stitch the girls names from here on so as to be able to print extra banners at one time and use them as needed.
The top of the banner has a dowel which ends are capped off with finials painted gold.  I hot glued a ribbon to the dowel to hang the banner.  I designed and sewed up the banners and Sister Elaine Young so graciously and expertly finished them off. The banners are 14×14 inches finished.  I used a tight woven burlap that has gold threads running through it.

How to Use the Banners:

The girls earn gems to put on the grown as they attend activity days and complete Faith in God requirements.
  • Diamonds: I use 6 mm diamonds for the girls to keep track of their own attendance. I diamond equals 1 meeting attended. Since we just started the banners this week I glued each girls attendance diamonds on their banner before giving it to the girls as if they had attended every meeting from up to that day according to their birthdays and what year they are in.  We have 2 activity days each month and go through the summer so the crown was designed for 24 gems around the heart. The next three rows of diamonds allow for 24 each. So all four years are represented on the crown.  From now on they have to attend to get their diamonds.
  • Hearts: They get a large heart gem when they turn 8 and get their banner for starting activity days.  The large heart gem goes top center of the heart of the crown on the banner. The red heart gems represents “Serving Other”.  The blue gems represents “Learning and Living The Gospel”.
  • Flowers: The flower gem represents “Developing Talents”.
  • Pearls: The pearls represent the 13 Articles of Faith.
  • Purple Gem: The large royal purple gem in the center is given for completing the “Preparing for Young Women”.
Additional beads and/or gems on a ribbon can be attached to the bottom of the banner to represent other achievements or awards. Karen plans on hanging 1″ ribbons from the bottom for the girls to add additional gems for other achievements separate from Faith in God ones used on the crown.
They can not earn more gems than the year they are in.  For example, first years can only earn two of each category of requirements. They cannot earn more gems until their next birthday when they become second years girls. The only exceptions I will make is if a girl joins the church in her fourth year or is re-activated in her fourth year I will let her earn all the gems in one year otherwise the Faith in God award cannot be earned in one year.  Pearls for Articles of Faith can be earned at anytime.

How to Introduce the Banners – “The Path to God through Faith in God Program”

  1. Sister Coleman started lesson out with the story of Alice in Wonderland.  She immediately caught the girls attention by asking them if they remembered the name of the Cheshire Cat.
  2. In the story of Alice in Wonderland, Alice does not know which way to go, so she asks the Cheshire Cat, “Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here? The cat replies, “That depends a good deal on where you want to get to.” Alice says, “I don’t much care where.” “Then it doesn’t matter which way you go,” says the cat.
  3. However, we know that the path that leads to the “tree, whose fruit [is] desirable to make one happy” —“the way, which leadeth unto life”—is narrow. It takes effort to journey along the path, and “few there be that find it.” (If You Will Be Responsible, by Elder Jorge F. Zaballos, of the Seventy, April 2015 General Conference)
  4. She further explained more about how the Faith in God program will help the girls remain on the right path. She took a quote out of the Faith in God booklet and made up little placards which the girls loved. After that we presented the girls with their achievement banners.

road to God FIG Sign

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