This activity is recommended to do in the winter when the sun goes down earlier. Alternatively, meet later than usual that evening.

Category:  Developing Talents

Duration:  1 session


  • Scriptures
  • Pictures from the Hubble Space Telescope
  • Page 1 and 2 of Uncle Al’s Sky Wheels printed onto cardstock, 1 for each girl
  • Scissors for each girl
  • Smart phone or tablet with Google Sky app (optional)
  • Telescope, binoculars, etc. (optional)
  • Flashlights covered with red film (the red color does not damage your night vision when attempting to look at the stars)


  • Print sky wheels and construct one on your own so you can familiarize yourself with the construction process (cut on all solid lines, fold on all dotted lines) and how to use them to locate constellations.
  • Familiarize yourself with Moses 1.


  1. Read and discuss Moses chapter 1.
  2. Show the girls pictures from the Hubble Space Telescope and discuss the wonders of God’s creation.
  3. Make your sky wheels and “test” them by finding the constellations in the sky on Christmas Eve at 8 PM, on your birthday at 10 PM, etc.
  4. Take the sky wheels outside and try to identify some stars and constellations.

More Ideas:

  • If you can find someone in the ward or stake that loves astronomy and knows the night sky have them teach the girls.

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