Blessing Bags for the Homeless

Categories: Serving Others

Duration: 1 session

Supplies: Multiply these numbers by the number of girls in your group (each will get to take home six bags). You can alter this list to your heart’s content – just make sure to keep the gallon bags on your list!

  • 6 bottles of water
  • 6 granola bars
  • 18 packages hard candies
  • 6 combs
  • 6 toothbrushes
  • 6 pairs of adult male socks
  • 6 portable fans OR hand warmers (depending on the area/weather)
  • A comforting scripture printed 6 times
  • 6 gallon bags


  • Decide on the scripture you want to use and print them.


1. Read this quote together:

“Throughout His mortal life the Savior taught that we should care for one another and help one another. He healed the sick, caused the lame to walk, restored sight to the blind, and unstopped the ears of the deaf. He taught the people the gospel. He blessed the people and performed many mighty miracles.

“There are opportunities everywhere to help those in need. I submit to you that at some time in our lives, each of us will be poor in some way and will need the help of another person. For “are we not all beggars?””

(Barbara Thompson, “His Arm Is Sufficient,” April 2009 General Conference)

2. Discuss homelessness in your community and what they can do to help. You may also want to discuss what the church does to help the homeless or those threatened with homelessness.

3. Assemble the bags – one of each item in the bag except 3 candy packages.

4. Instruct the girls to put the bags in their car and leave them there, so they are available to pass out whenever they see a homeless person.


More Ideas:

  • If your Bishop has time to stop by for ten minutes, this is a great opportunity for him to talk about his calling and how he helps the ward help the homeless or potentially homeless.
  • If you have a social worker in the ward who works with the homeless, or someone who works at a food bank, this is a great time to invite them as a guest.
  • My brother works with the homeless for his job. I asked him what the homeless really need in kits like these. He told me that these days most homeless get enough food from local food banks. He suggested that we offer treats in the bag that the homeless would not get from a soup kitchen, but to pick something that someone without teeth would enjoy (a large number of homeless people have lost a lot of their teeth). So, hard candies they can suck on are a good option, and also great to keep long term in the car, since they won’t melt or spoil! He is also the one who suggested the socks, since they fit multiple sizes and the homeless will wear out their socks quite rapidly.

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