Toys to Make for Nursery

After the girls make these, see if you can get permission to take them into the nursery the next Sunday to show the kids how to play with their new toys. The nursery leaders will love the extra help! (You may also want to reassure the nursery leaders that they are not required to keep these “toys” around for very long if they don’t want to!)

light2means the cost is less than 25 cents per kid!

(blue star) Binoculars and colored paper animals to find on a “safari”  light2

(blue star) Button Snakes

(blue star) Canisters for fine motor skills light2

(blue star) Dancing ribbon rings

(blue star) Edible Kool Aid Slime

(blue star) Fabric Roads light2

(blue star) Foam lacing shapes

(blue star) Pool noodle horse

(blue star) Ring Toss Game light2

(blue star) Shape Game light2

(blue star) Spoon Dolls


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