Song Aides for Primary

This is a list of Singing Time aides that the girls can put together for your primary to use. You can probably get more than one done in an activity. This isn’t just a great service for the primary kids – it’s great service for the chorister who usually has to come up with all this stuff! Added bonus: the girls will probably be more attentive during singing time when their visual aids are used!

(blue star) Balloon Popping Meter  light2
(blue star) Can and Puppet Motivator
(blue star) Cloud and Raindrops light2
(blue star) Easter Miracle Puzzle light2
(blue star) Elephant Trunk and Ice Cream Punch Game light2
(blue star) I Can’t Ear You!
(blue star) I Like to Look for Rainbows light2
(blue star) In the Leafy Treetops light2
(blue star) Lion and Lamb light2
(blue star) Melting Snowman light2
(blue star) Plucky the Turkey light2
(blue star) Popcorn Popping light2
(blue star) Punch Game light2
(blue star) Ribbon Wands
(blue star) Several Ideas
(blue star) Shaker Eggs light2
(blue star) Sing High as a Kite light2
(blue star) Squirrel! light2
(blue star) Witch Songs do we Sing Next? light2

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