Guinness Book of Activity Days

This is not only a great last-minute activity, it can help fill in free time later, and also develop the culture and cohesiveness of your little group. Within a few years, younger girls may be trying to beat records held by girls who have moved on to Young Women!

Category: Developing Talents, Living and Learning the Gospel.

Duration: 1 hour (plus you can do this activity again a few minutes at a time whenever you need a “filler” activity!)


  • Whatever things are in your supplies or the Primary supply closet, that you know are not going anywhere.
  • Paper (a notebook is even better)
  • Writing Utensils
  • (Optional but highly recommended) Stop watch or clock with a second hand
  •  Write “Guinness Book of Activity Days” at the top of the paper or the front of the notebook.
Spiritual Thought: coming soon!
1. Have the girls come up with a bunch of “records” they can compete for with only the materials in the supply closet. Here are some suggestions to get you started:
  • The number of pencils balanced on one finger
  • Most sit-ups in one minute
  • Longest coin spin
  • Most cartwheels in one minute
  • Fastest crab walk across the room
  • Longest line of paper clips lined up in twenty seconds
  • Most paper basketballs into the trash in 30 seconds (from across the room or some designated distance).
  • Most double cheek kisses in 30 seconds (pair)
  • Most shot rubber bands to hit the opposite wall in 30 seconds.
  • Fastest legible writing of “Sister Shelly says she shall sew sheets”
  • Tallest crayon tower created “log cabin” style (count how many crayons high)
  • Number of sheets of paper balanced on head
  • Body parts – longest toes, shortest hair, longest tongue, etc.
  • Most pencils picked up one by one and held in hand for thirty seconds.
  • Longest time to balance crayon on nose.
  • Most paper clips moved across the table by a pencil in one minute.
  • Fastest time to get all the toilets flushed in the restroom
  • Most one legged hops in one minute
  • Most crayons stood on end in one minute
  • Fastest time to sort five crayons of each color
  • Most papers cut in half in thirty seconds
  • Most crayons stacked onto a three foot piece of toilet paper before it rips
2. Compete!
3. Write down the date, name of the winner, and other relevant information (such as number of pencils balanced). Think ahead and leave plenty of space (a full page if you’ve got a notebook) for future challengers.
Tips & Tricks:
  • If you don’t have a stopwatch on hand (not even a stopwatch app on your phone?), the “how many” challenges can still be done. “How many _____ can you _____ on _____?”
  • Unless you plan on keeping a long measuring tape around, you may want to avoid things like “farthest paper airplane.”  You can alter these, however, to be timed, for instance, “fastest time for a paper airplane to be built and successfully thrown across the room.”
  • Try to stick with only things that you can objectively measure with counting, a ruler, or a stopwatch, so that the judging can be consistent.
Extension Ideas:

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