Visit a Healthy Restaurant


Take note: great Activity Days ideas don’t necessarily mean lots of planning! My Activity Day girls voted this their most favorite activity of 2015! All it took was a phone call to a local restaurant.

Category: Developing Talents, Learning and Living the Gospel

Duration: 1 session
  • Directions/reminder flyer or invitation
  •  At least a month in advance, find a healthy restaurant and ask them if your group can visit their establishment and learn a little about their business. Start by searching for vegan or salad restaurants. We chose Cashew Cow, an ice cream place that just opened up down the street from our church building. They make cashew based ice cream with very little processed sugar. Many of these places are very passionate about what they do and will be excited to have this opportunity to share their talent with you.  They also tend to be small businesses, which means you don’t have to talk to several managers or get through a lot of red tape.
  • Tell them to plan on about 30-40 minutes presentation. (I planned on ten minutes down time at the beginning to get everyone there, 30 minutes presentation, and 20 minutes of enjoying some healthy eats!)
  • Make flyers with a map to the restaurant and the date/time, so parents know that Activity Days won’t be taking place at the church that evening.
  • Either the activity before or after this activity, you’ll want to set aside a little time to talk about the Word of Wisdom and healthy eating.
Show up at the restaurant, enjoy the presentation, ask questions, and sample some foods!
More Ideas:
  •  Although the restaurant offered us sample tastes for free, we got permission from the Bishop to spend $25 for ice cream for the girls to each get a small cup. It really helped the owner want to do it again for us!

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