Suck It!

My favorite game for Articles of Faith or Scripture Mastery! Gotta thank my mom for introducing me to this game when I was a youth 🙂

Category: Articles of Faith

Duration: 1 hour


  • 1 straw for each girl (and maybe a few spares)
  • 13 small squares of paper for each team (3-4 girls), numbered 1-13.
  •  Make the squares of paper. Done!
1. Divide the girls into teams.
2. Explain the rules: you are going to give them an Article of Faith clue, and they have to figure out which Article of Faith it is. Once they do that, one girl on the team “sucks” the paper onto the end of her straw and starts to run to the opposite side of the room. If the paper falls off they need to suck it back onto their straw. No hands can be used at any time or they are disqualified from the round! The team who slaps the wall on the opposite side of the room first, AND has the correct Article of Faith, gets a point.
3. Make sure team members are taking turns. We do several games of this in an hour and switch the teams up each time.

4 thoughts on “Suck It!

    1. For clues, I will start by just saying a phrase from the Article of Faith, and then they will try to find the phrase. As time goes on I make the phrases shorter and shorter until by the end I am giving one-word clues like “tribes.” I hope that helps!


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