This game of “shuffleboard” doesn’t have the same scoring  or rules as a normal game, just the same look. It’s kind of like curling the way I set it up. You can certainly change it to fit regular shuffleboard rules.

Category: Living and Learning the Gospel, Articles of Faith

Duration: 1 hour


  •  15 sheets of paper
  • Writing utensil
  • Tape (I prefer painter’s tape because it is easy to pull off when done, but packing tape or any other smooth tape will also work)
  • Broom
  • Wide mouth canning lids for “pucks” (or you could use toys cars, blocks, beanie babies, balled up papers…whatever will slide or roll across the floor!)
  • (Optional) Copies of the Articles of Faith
  • For the first thirteen papers, write one number on each paper from 1-13, OR write one keyword for each of the thirteen Articles of Faith (whatever you are working on at the moment).
  • For the last two papers, write “second turn” and “bonus point”
  • Tape the papers in a triangle “shuffleboard” shape on the floor (5 on the bottom, then 4, then 3, then 2, then 1). They can be in any order you want, and you can also do a different shape if you want. Make sure to tape all sides of the papers.
  • Put a line of tape on the floor where they shoot from, or pick a pre-existing line on the gym floor. This line should be much closer with carpet or with “pucks” that don’t slide as easily.
  • Take a few practice shots to make sure that it’s challenging but not impossible to get the puck on the board.
Spiritual Thought: coming soon!
1. Divide into teams of 3-5 players.
2. Explain the rules (see Tips & Tricks for alternative rules):
  • An Article of Faith clue is given (such as a few words in the article).
  • ALL teams work together to figure out which Article of Faith it is (and you could also have them all recite it together).
  • Each team gets a shot at getting their puck on the board. The puck that lands the closest to the given Article of Faith wins and gets three points. If they land on “second turn” they get a second puck (double the chances of being the closest one). If any team lands on “bonus point” then they get a point regardless of whether they were closest to the correct Article of Faith or not.
Tips & Tricks:
  • There are lots of ways to switch up the rules for this game!
    • One team shoots their puck, and whatever Article of Faith they land on, their team has to recite the article or the keyword from memory within thirty seconds or the next team can steal their point.
    • If you have multiple brooms and different colored pucks, you could have all teams shoottheir pucks and the first one to land on the correct Article of Faith wins.
    • Instead of writing the Articles of Faith numbers on the board, write the number of points, and only one team shoots each round (the team that gets the Article of Faith first).
    • The number for the Article of Faith is the number of points they get if they win that round.

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