Parent/Daughter Ideas

Don’t get stuck in gender stereotypes with Father/Daughter or Mother/Daughter Activity Days events. Dads at a tea party and moms doing rodeos can be just as fun! Or, if your ward is like mine, with an increasing number of nontraditional families, you could change the name to “Girls Night Out” and have them bring a maternal figure, “Guys and Gals” and have them bring a paternal figure, or just simply “Bring an Adult Night” and let the family figure out what works for them.

(blue star) Ball

(blue star) Boot Camp

(blue star) Fiesta

(blue star) Fifties Night

(blue star) Harvest Night

(blue star) Hoedown

(blue star) Hoedown 2

(blue star) Minute to Win It 1

(blue star) Minute to Win It 2

(blue star) Minute to Win It 3 (Scriptures Theme!)

(blue star) Mormon Mystery Dinner (similar to “Silly Supper” below but with a Book of Mormon theme)

(blue star) “Part of a Wonderful Bunch”

(blue star) Pinewood Derby

(blue star) Race Car Rendezvous

(blue star) Rodeo

(blue star) Silly Supper

(blue star) Silly Supper Idea 2

(blue star) Slumber Party (pretend – complete with “blind makeovers!”)

(blue star) Tea Party

(blue star) Western Theme and “Newlywed Game”

(red star) Amazing Race

(red star) Dance Party

(red star) Luau

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