Matching Game (or Flash Cards) for General Women’s Meeting


Now that the LDS Activity Day girls are invited to the Women’s Session of General Conference, it’s a great idea to include some activities that accompany the session.

This can be used either to make flash cards, play a memory matching game, or both!

Thank you to Gina for sharing her matching game files with me – these are current for the October 2018 Conference!

I will not be updating the files to reflect the new presidencies from here on out. But, if someone else wants to create the flash cards and then send me the file ( I will gladly share them on this page for others to use.

Category: Learning and Living the Gospel

Duration: 30-60 minutes (time may vary depending on how much the girls want to play the matching game)
  • At least one printed copy of women’s conference matching game (link is to PDF, or you can download this word document so you have an editable version), or you could also make one for each girl, for playing with their family during FHE. I created this game to be a matching game, but in case you want to also make flash cards, they are arranged to print double sided, with the names going on the back of the correct person’s picture when done this way. The third page is your “cheat sheet” and short biographies of the women.
  • Scissors for each girl if they are each making their own game.
  • Print out the game, preferably on card stock. ( I created this game to be a matching game, but they are arranged to print double sided, with the names going on the back of the correct person’s picture when done this way, in case you want to use this them as flash cards instead.)
  • If you are printing one out for each girl, make sure you bring enough scissors.
  • If you are only making one copy of the matching game you may want to cut it out in advance and have it ready to go.
  1. Explain to the girls that there are nine “general officers” in the church who are traditionally women. These women are in the General Relief Society Presidency, General Young Women Presidency, and General Primary Presidency. Ask if they know what that means, and if they don’t know, explain.
  2. Read the short biographies of the women together, while pointing out their pictures.
  3. Ask, is there anything you admire about these women?
  4. Bear your testimony that these women are called of God and receive revelation to give General Conference talks that will help us in our lives.
  5. Play the matching game as many times as you like! Match the name of the woman with her picture (they are in the same order on each page for your benefit). With only nine women it won’t take too many rounds to learn their names – start with the “cheat sheet” and after a few rounds they may be able to match the women to their names without it.
More Ideas:
  •  This is a great activity to do just before the Women’s Session of Conference!
  • If you want to take up an entire hour and have good internet access, you can play some video clips from recent conference talks and play “Name That Speaker!” This would be good for reinforcing what they learned in the matching game.

13 thoughts on “Matching Game (or Flash Cards) for General Women’s Meeting

  1. Changes again this conference. I would like to do something like this for our activity on April 12, 2017, any chance you can update before then? If not, no worries. Thanks for the idea 🙂


    1. Thanks for the reminder to change the flash cards again! The link in the activity description is updated now. Please do me a favor and proofread/test before April 12, and let me know if it’s all correct for your activity. 🙂


  2. This is such a wonderful activity. Is there any way you would update the pictures and biographies of the current women serving as of this date? (August 2018)


  3. The YW Presidency has changed. Will you be able to update it again? I would love to use this for our activity day before the General Women’s meeting in two weeks. Thanks!


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