Faith in Things Not Seen

This short LDS Activity Days idea is from a seminary lesson I gave when I taught New Testament. This object lesson is definitely fun enough for a weekday activity too!

Turn this into an hour-long activity by first playing a game that involves a blindfolds (you can find some ideas here and here) to go with the “things not seen” theme.

Requirements: Living and Learning the Gospel

Duration: 30 minutes


  • One apple or other fruit with seeds inside
  • One brown bag
  • one writing utensil
  • Several sheets of paper for each girl
  • scissors
  • this template printed/copied on an entire piece of paper (or just practice a few times)


  • Put the fruit inside the bag and don’t show it to any of the girls prior to the activity.
  • write on the inside flap of the bag (where someone can read it just by opening the bag a little) “no one has seen the seeds inside this fruit!”
  • if you have time, practice cutting a paper on the lines of the above template to make sure you won’t mess up!


1. Shake the bag a little to show that there is something of mass inside. Tell the girls that there is something in the bag (besides the air) that has never been seen by any human eye. Ask the girls how many of them believe you.

2. Show someone who believes you what is inside the bag, but tell them not to speak out loud what it is.

3. Ask the believer to answer yes or no, whether there is something in this bag that has never been seen by any human eye.

4. Ask the girls how many believe now that there is a second witness, and how many need more proof. show them the apple inside of the bag and explain that the seeds have never been seen by human eyes, but we can still have faith that they are there.

5. Read MATTHEW 16:1-4 together.

6. Discuss the difference between seeking signs and having faith. In the apple activity you have to exercise faith by trusting that the teacher is telling the truth. In life, you have to exercise faith by trusting the God and his servants are telling the truth.

7.  Ask, if signs do not produce faith, what are signs for? (strengthening or confirming faith we already have.) Think about Laman and Lemuel from the Book of Mormon – they even saw angels but because they didn’t have faith they still didn’t believe.

8. Challenge the girls to make the very biggest hole they can in a piece of paper. No tape allowed. Give them 5-10 minutes to see how big they can make it, then compare the holes.

9. Ask, would you have faith in me if I told you I could make a hole in this paper big enough for an adult person to fit through it?

10. If there are still girls who don’t have faith in you, say, “Those who don’t believe, so you STILL need a sign, even after my example with the apple.”

Do the example with the template listed in Supplies, cutting only on the black lines. You should get a piece of paper with a very large hole!

11. Discuss again: How is this related to having Faith in Christ? We don’t really completely understand how the Atonement works, or how the Plan of Salvation works. The  important part is not understanding how it’s done, but simply having faith that it can be done!

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    1. I am in sort of a strange position. I have resigned my membership and am no longer a member. However, I still attend every week because my husband remains a believer (and we have four young children).


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