Food Donation Scavenger Hunt

Category: Serving Others

Duration: 1 session
  • Grocery bags for collecting cans
  • 26 index cards with a single letter of the alphabet on each one.
  • Cars and enough leaders to carpool (you will want to have at least two cars or “teams” even if your group is small).
  • Make the lettered index cards. Put a star next to the letters X, V, and Z.
  • Find a part of your ward with a cluster of at least 8-10 homes relatively close together (5 minutes’ drive or less). (You can also go door-to-door in a neighborhood if you feel comfortable – this is faster but the girls won’t get the opportunity to get to know the members better.)
  • Let parents know if you will be meeting at a house near this cluster, rather than the church building.
  • You may want to call some of the houses to confirm that they will be home that evening/give them a heads up that some youth may be stopping by. Not necessary if there are tons of houses close together in your ward.
  • Make a list of ward members’ names and addresses in your cluster so that drivers know where they can go.
1. Pass out the lettered index cards one by one until all are passed out. For small groups that means that each girl will be “in charge” of several letters.
2. Split the girls into teams according to how many will fit in each car. I’d say that 3-4 teams is ideal because then each team doesn’t have an overwhelming number of letters, just the right amount.
3. Explain that they will be driving to members’ houses looking for any nonperishable items that start with the letters their team has (except for X, V, and Z – those can be anywhere in the name). The letter can’t be in the ingredients or description – it has to be the first letter of one of the words in the name! Each food item can only be used one time! All of these nonperishable items must be brought back to the church for donation. Remind the kids that donation is voluntary and they should not pressure members to give them more and more cans just for the sake of the game.
4. Send the teams off to find their canned goods with a designated meeting time of about ten minutes before the end of the activity. (You may want to tell them you will deduct a certain amount of points for being late.)
5. Have fun looking at the variety of items they gathered. Give an award for the most letters fulfilled, the most cans gathered, and the most unique item.

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