Charm Bracelet Awards

When my companion was in achievement days, she got charms for her progress, and still has her charm bracelet to this day. She treasures the memories of measured achievement. My achievement days leader was much less involved, and I found myself constantly being jealous of my three brothers and their copious badges.

A charm bracelet program can be as easy or as involved as you want it to be. Here are some suggestions from other leaders who have done the program:

What Charms Do I Use?

  • This description on sugardoodle is fairly easy to implement, with only six different charms needed (Articles of Faith, Learning and Living the Gospel, Serving Others, Developing Talents, Preparing for YW, and Faith in God for when they complete the program.
  • Some leaders use colored beads (this isn’t too far from what the cubs do for their basic requirements), with a color for each category.
  • I wanted more variety in the charm bracelets, so I buy a few new ones every year that represent the actual activity they did, rather than just the category. For instance, learning about basketball warrants a basketball charm. At the bottom of this blog post there are some links to some places you can buy these charms.

What Will it Cost?

  • If you’re just using 6 different charms, the cost could be as low as $1 per girl per year, if you purchase from Etsy or Oriental Trading (those are the cheapest I have found). My spending is closer to $3 per girl per year sometimes, because I like getting at least one or two new charms a year. For a small amount of girls, Etsy is the way to go. Sometimes you can buy as few as six charms for $2 including shipping, because they buy in bulk and tape them inside an envelope to ship them to you!

What Activities Should I Give Them For?

  • Ideally, most of your activities will fulfill at least one Faith in God category, but you won’t want to give out 24 charms a year! Each girl should get six a year (two from each main category), plus two in Prep for Young Women if they are eleven, and a one-time Articles of Faith charm. So, you’ll need to come up with some way to decide which activities wil merit a charm.
  • Some leaders pick six activities in advance that will be “charm nights,” and don’t tell the girls until that evening, that it is a charm night.
  • Some leaders specify on their schedules which activities are charm activities, so that parents can help make them up at home if they want to.
  • I like to give out a variety of charms and also sometimes give different charms to each girl, depending on attendance and how much they participated. For instance, if Suzy was extra helpful on the night we raked someone’s leaves for them, she gets a leaf charm. If Tanya and Emma really enjoyed the soccer activity, they get a soccer ball charm, etc.

Where Can I Buy Inexpensive Charms?

  • Etsy – DIY Bead Shop (Good for larger groups – mostly sold in sets of 20-40)
  • Etsy – Miniature Sweet (Good for smaller groups – mostly sold in sets of 5-10)
  • Oriental Trading (most sold by the dozen, more expensive than Etsy, but you can read reviews for quality)
  • Blue Daisy Charms (LDS specific charms, more expensive than generic)
  • Charming LDS Gifts  (LDS specific charms, more expensive than generic)

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