Callings Night

When I was an LDS Activity Day girl (actually called Achievement Days back then), I don’t think I had any concept of my ward community beyond Primary and the Bishop. when we did this activity for our primary activity days, we chose just women from the stake. We wanted the girls to be more aware of the myriad of important callings that women can have in the church beyond just child-related callings.

Categories: Serving Others, Learning and Living the Gospel, Developing Talents

Duration: 1 session
Supplies: None


  • At least two weeks in advance, find and call at least six women in your ward who have an interesting calling in your ward (or used to). Ask them to come and talk about their calling for about 5 minutes and answer questions for about 5 minutes. Tell them that the girls love visual aids or something they can touch, but it’s not essential. You want to make this invitation as low pressure as possible!
  • Call/email the women a few days before to remind them to come!
1. Arrange some chairs in a circle (or standard rows for larger groups),
2. Talk about how when they are adults they will have the opportunity to do many different callings in the church. It’s an opportunity to serve others and serve the Lord. Some callings can be a challenge, some callings can be a blessing, and many are both!
3. Have each woman take a turn talking about their calling, followed by a Q&A session.
More Ideas:
  • Since it can be difficult for some girls to sit for this long period, we had a ten minute break in the middle for a healthy snack.
  • For some callings, you could do a short tour of their space in the church building. The library and family history center are what come to mind first.
  • If the girls aren’t asking many questions of the presenters, here are some for you to pose:
    • What surprised you about your calling?
    • How has your calling developed your talents?
    • How has your calling helped you to serve others?
    • If you have difficulty with your calling are there people you can ask for help?
    • What blessings or challenges have come from your calling?

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