Books for Africa

Categories: Serving Others, Developing Talents, Learning and Living the Gospel

Duration: 1 session
  • Laptop or some other means to play some youtube videos (Our church building doesn’t have good wireless so I used this site to download the videos)
  • Children’s books that are used but in good condition – at least one for every two girls you have.
  • Writing utensils
  • Someone who can talk about poverty in Africa without bursting into tears (I am such a crybaby, thank goodness our other leader is not!)
  • Later you will need shipping materials to ship these books media mail to Books for Africa (or a similar organization in your country if you are not in the USA).
  •  Bookmark or download these three videos:
  • Ask parents or ward members to donate books, attend some yard sales, or go to a used book store to get the books you need.
  • Right before the activity, you may want to write a letter template for them to follow. “Dear Friend in Africa, I want to share this book with you because ________. Sincerely, (Name)”
 1. Show the videos about Africa and discuss what stood out to them. How is life different in Africa? What in your life are you more grateful for after seeing these videos? How are books important in our/their lives?
2. Lay out the books and explain to the girls that we will be donating these books to children in Africa. They are to read the book and write a short letter in the front cover regarding what they enjoyed about the book. (I got permission from someone from the nonprofit to do this but if you aren’t sure about it, you can also give them a piece of paper to write their letter and then use a small piece of tape to tape it inside.)
3. We have several girls in our group who are excellent readers, while others struggle with reading (one can’t read at all). So ,we gave them the option of reading with a partner, reading by themselves, or having the leader read the book to them.
4. We used up all our time at this point, but if you have extra time you can also have the girls switch books and have several letters in the same book, or take a few minutes to discuss the books as a group.

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