A of F Trash Can Basketball

Category: Articles of Faith

Duration: 1 session


  • Empty clean trash can (can also use a large bowl)
  • Paper
  • Writing Utensils
  • (Optional) copies of the Articles of Faith

Preparation: None!


1. Divide the girls into groups of 2-4 or at least two teams. Put their team’s table a certain distance from the trash can/bowl, which you could also put on another table (depends on the height of the can). Explain the rules of the game (read on to understand the rules).

2. For each round, give a clue about an Article of Faith. Depending on where your girls are at, you could just read one word, start reading the whole thing, give them the keyword, etc.

3. They take a piece of paper, write down the Article of Faith they think it is, and then crumple it into a ball and start trying to make a basket. They must stand behind their table for all throws but of course they will be running around retrieving their “ball” whenever they miss.

4. It usually takes a minute before someone makes a basket, but once that happens you yell “freeze!” and check the answer. If it is correct, you can give that team a point or a treat.

3 thoughts on “A of F Trash Can Basketball

  1. We did this activity last night and the girls loved it. I split the girls into three teams and gave each team a piece of paper (which they reused each time) and a pen. They shot into a trash can on a table in the middle of the room and there was lots of craziness as they scrambled to retrieve their misses before the other teams made a basket! The girls love an active activity. They knew the numbers of the Articles of Faith a lot better than I had thought, too.


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