Category: Developing Talents

Duration: 1 hour
  • 1 empty egg carton per girl (or just a regular box will work too)
  • Permanent marker
  • Access to or a rock identification book (check your library)

  • If you won’t have time to go on a rock collecting field trip during the day with the girls, give them their egg carton a few weeks in advance, and ask them to try to fill it with different kinds of rocks.
  • Collect some rocks yourself for girls who fail to find their own rocks, or for your own collection!
  • Consider doing some internet research on the geologic history of your area (or just ask a local geologist about it) so you can get an idea of what rocks your girls might find.
Spiritual Thought: coming soon!

1. Discuss where the girls found their rocks and possibly their favorite ones. Discuss the beauty of the creation of the earth and our gratitude for it.

2. Discuss what a geologist does and why it’s important (They help find fossil fuels and other important resources like metals. They can help tell you whether land is safe to build on. They help find geothermal energy sources and even fresh clean groundwater to drink.)

3. Have the girls spread out their rocks and try to identify them.

4. Write the name of the rock inside the egg carton or on the lid. It’s okay to have some “mystery rocks” and mark those with a big question mark.

More Ideas:
  • If you can, get several rock identification books so the girls can try and identify their own rocks, perhaps in pairs.
  • I majored in Geology and I still have trouble identifying rocks sometimes! If you can’t identify a rock yourself, just tell the girl, “it’s okay, I’m just developing this talent, too.” You can also show admiration for their specimen and its features. And if the girls want to make up their own rock names for the mystery rocks, that’s fun as well!
  • See if you can locate a cave or free mine tour in your area.
  • A visit to a beach or stream is a great place to learn about erosion and sedimentary rocks.
  • Many universities have free rock/mineral collections on display.

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