Fire Safety

Category: Developing Talents

Duration: 1 hour
  • Paper
  • Writing utensils
  • Smoke detector (optional)
  • Fire extinguisher (optional)
  • hand towels or handkerchiefs (optional)

  • Locate the smoke detectors in your building.
Spiritual Thought: coming soon!

1. Read “The Cow that Destroyed Chicago.” Discuss the importance of fire safety and gauge what the kids already know and what they may still need to learn.

2. Discuss the most common causes of house fires and how they might be prevented – smoking in the home, cooking, candles, fireplaces, and electrical appliances.

3. Discuss smoke alarms, how they work, and show them how to test one to see if it is working.

4. Show them a fire extinguisher and explain how it works (and not to use it unless there is an emergency!)

5. Have the girls draw a map of their house with a fire escape plan. A good escape plan should have at least two ways to escape from every bedroom, and a meeting place away from the home.

6. Show the girls how to have a practice drill in their home, buy doing a practice drill in your building. Include the following points:

      • Get out as fast as possible – don’t take anything with you except people/pets.
      • Get down on the floor and crawl if possible. If you can, cover your nose and mouth with a wet towel or handkerchief.
      • Feel the doors before you open them. If a door isn’t warm, open it slowly. If it feels warm, don’t open it! Use a window instead.
      • Break out a window if you need to use a window for escape and the window is stuck. Break it out with something like a chair or long hard object, like a baseball bat. Make sure all the jagged edges of the glass are broken out too, so you won’t get cut as you climb out.
      • Stop, drop, and roll if your clothes catch on fire. That means stop where you are, drop to the ground, and roll back and forth on the ground until the fire is out.
      • Call the fire department from your neighbor’s house even if you think someone else has already done so.

7. Do the drill several times until they are comfortable repeating the steps on their own. You could also give them a handout of the above points to take home with them.

8. Ask if the girls have any questions. Tell them their “homework” assignment is to teach fire safety to their family in Family Home Evening and do practice drills with their family. Have them report back at the next meeting.

Tips & Tricks:
  • Many local fire stations will teach fire safety for free! Contact them and save yourself some planning.
Extension Ideas:
  • A crossword puzzle in case you have extra time (or to keep them busy before starting).
  • Get a tour of your local fire station for a future activity.

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