Bike Safety

This LDS Activity Days idea was adapted from the Cub Scout handbook. After all, primary girls can benefit from bike safety skills as much as primary boys can!

Category: Developing Talents, Living and Learning the Gospel

Duration: 1 session
  • Bikes and helmets (have each girl bring their own)
  • Printed/drawn stop sign (optional)
  • Chalk (optional)
  • Bike pump and pressure gauge (optional)


  • Ask parents to make sure that each girl has a bike and knows how to ride it. This could be an embarrassing activity if some girls don’t know how to ride, or don’t own a bike.
  • If it’s too dark or you are unable to ride around a neighborhood near the church building, use chalk to draw a “bike route” with arrows in an unused part of the church parking lot (that is hopefully well lit). Include right turns, left turns, and a stop sign.

1. Check bikes for tire pressure, and show the girls how to find the tire pressure number on the side of the tire. Practice pumping up a few tires.2. Identify other parts of the bike that need to be checked/maintained often (brakes, spokes, pedals, seat, chain, reflectors, lights)

3. Discuss bike safety rules and their importance.

4. Practice the hand signals for right turn, left turn, and stop.

5. Go on a short ride to practice your hand signals.

More Ideas:
  • If the missionaries in your ward use bikes, invite them to come and talk about the importance of using bikes as a missionary, how they care for their bikes, and any stories they might want to share.
  • Check with your local fire department – many of them will come and talk about bike safety for free!
  • For a related activity, make some reflective trim for helmets, bikes, clothing, etc. Give some as a gift to the bike-riding missionaries in the area.
  • Go on a longer bike ride together during the day.

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